December 21st 2015

Hello there. It’s 4 days to Christmas and my heart is bursting with joy. I’ve had a relatively good year. I can’t think of any major mishaps that I suffered in the last 12 months and I have everything I need. I have family and friends who love me and I have food to eat everyday. I am very blessed and I never take that for granted because I am well aware that it could be, and is in fact so much worse for lots of people. I am very thankful for the life that I live and I hope that you have lots of reasons to be  happy about your life as well.

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I miss you.

I’m writing this with reluctant tears in my eyes mostly because I had promised myself I wouldn’t miss you.

Constantly telling everyone I’m okay and working hard to make them believe I’ve learnt to live with the pain.

You walked right past me tonight, just as you have for the last month. I walk a little slower, hoping that you’ll notice me walking by and maybe come over and say hello.
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