Press For Progress In Solidarity With Women, How About That?

Audre Lorde was a self styled black lesbian feminist who inspired and still inspires millions of women including myself through her writings and her life, in general.

In her collection of essays titled “A Burst of Light”, she said that

“to acknowledge privilege is the first step in making it available for wider use. Each of us is blessed in some particular way, whether we recognize our blessings or not. And each one of us, somewhere in our lives, must clear a space within that blessing where she can call upon whatever resources are available to her in the name of something that must be done.”

The thing that I am most focused on at this time, is trying my hardest to recognise that by virtue of the life that I am blessed with, I am exposed to certain advantages that a lot of people do not have access to for one reason or the other.

Unlike over 80 million girls in the world, I am educated and well aware of the rights that I am entitled to as a human being. I come from a family with the means to meet all my needs and have enough left over to help other people.

I never take these privileges for granted and my parents have always taught me to give as much of myself and my possessions to lift other people.

I firmly believe that in lifting other people, you lift yourself and in blessing other people, you bless yourself.

When you put good energy out in the world, you attract good energy to yourself as well.

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IMG_PITU_20180303_132817.jpgIn the last few months, the thought of turning 21 has filled me with intense excitement and trepidation.
I’ve wondered how my life is supposed to change to accommodate this new age; I’ve had many questions.

Does the universe start to treat you differently when you officially become an adult?

What does it even mean to be an adult?

Am I supposed to automatically be wiser now?

Can I fast forward to the part where I have everything figured out?

Am I where I’m supposed to be?

What have I done with my life so far?

I thought about these questions a lot, as I do, and realised that of course, there’s no standard of requirements that I’m supposed to meet, to prove that I’m validly of age, as it were.

I’m only supposed to take account of all the people who have helped me get to where I am, and be thankful for that.

It’s only when you take account, that you know what additions and deductions need to be made, in order to balance the accounts. So, think of this as an audit.

Here’s who 21 is about, in no particular order.

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The Day That Baby Grew Up

pink flower


The day that Baby really started to grow up, was the day Baby realized that it was possible for someone to not be completely and irrevocably taken with her.

Baby’s parents believed very strongly in love; they were the type to end every interaction with the words “I love you”. They were the type to make sure that their children never went to bed without a goodnight hug and a kiss.

Baby thought that was how every family worked.

Baby cried until her chocolate skin turned a reluctant red, the first night she spent without her father and mother.

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